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Camera Inspection

Our company offers a number of camera inspection services.


Our new Flex-shaft system will be able to combine with our push camera to insure we are able to pinpoint trouble areas and the clog has been removed while on site. 

For city lines, we offer our truck-mounted CUES OZII camera system. The camera has a 40:1 zoom capability mounted on a pan and tilt head for capturing higher resolution images of far away or minute details around the entire diameter of the pipe. Outfitted with the Ultra Shorty 21 on tracks, connected to a 1,000' heavy-duty cable with wench, the camera is designed to inspect 6" and up lines with major offsets and lateral protrusions with crystal clear clarity.

This system is run with GraniteNet software, designed to analyze infrastructure to aid creating a comprehensive CMOM program.


Perfect for a pre home-buying sewer analysis or drain toubleshooting, is our Spartan 200A push camera with sonde that can video record and locate a 3-4 inch line up to 19-25 feet deep.

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