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Jetting Services

For the tougher clogs and bigger lines, we offer water jetting services.

Our equipment includes a 3,000 PSI roll-out unit designed to clear 1 1/2 to three inch household lines with a 5 gal/min pump and 200 foot reel of hose for extra long shots to the main. 


Going even bigger is our commercial jetting truck. This vehicle runs a 65 gal/min Myers 652 pump capable of 25,000 PSI and 800 feet of 1 inch hose on a wrench reel to clear 6-48 inch diameter lines. Our truck has tap-saw capabilities and runs a top-line Warthog nozzle proven to clear pressure-packed sand from 8-12" dairy lines up to a 48", three-fourth mud-filled storm drain clogged with logs and concrete.

Big Problems Just Need Bigger Equipment

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