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Our cleaning includes all clogged drain lines in both residential and commercial buildings. Pipes from 1 1/4 inch kitchen sink to three inch main sewers are cleared using our industrial steel cables and cutters, effectively removing clogs consisting of tree roots, paper, grease, and other foreign materials. 

New Addition

to our business will be the advanced Flex-shaft cable systems. This new technology will clear out all foreign debris, basically renewing pipes in qualifying lines.

We are also a seller of RootX and GreaseX, two products designed to prolong pipe flow.

DSC_0234 (2).JPG

Larger lines? No problem!

The lines we are capable of cleaning are not limited to households. Our equipment can and have been applied to pond drains, culverts, diaries, feedlots, and the oilfield.  If its essentially a clogged pipe, we can clear it.

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